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EMCEE.COM.SG is a new platform showcasing Singapore's Emcee Talents. As a professional Emcee Host, one must be able to hold certain characteristics; unique, versatile, engaging, and sensitive to both audience and organizers' needs. From TV Hosts, Radio Broadcasters to Vital Souls of Events, EMCEE.COM.SG has the sources for renowned, experienced as well as budding Emcee Talents who complements various areas of entertainment. For Emcees who are managed and/or contracted by Companies / Agencies, they will be engaged accordingly via respective management.

One Stop Customized Solution

Being a community of Emcees with a diversified collection of personalities and profiles, EMCEE.COM.SG is able to provide an easy solution to fulfill all event hosting needs! Navigate and browse through the collection of Singapore's Emcees, and let us know if you have a preferred Selection, a Conceptual Proposal Request, or Talent Sourcing to best suit your event requirements! To request for Emcee full portfolios and rates, do contact us at !

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